Pureis CBD.

Project Overview

Pureis CBD is a market leader and the first CBD food supplement clinically proven to be safe. We’ve created a new brand to capture the scientific nature of the product.

Pureis® continues to break
new ground in the world of CBD.

The first CBD food supplement
clinically proven to be safe.

the challenge

Bridging the gap

Our challenge was to create a new brand for a CBD product that moves away from what the category looks like today and create a look and feel that bridges the gap between what’s known as a minimalist, pharma look and an upmarket OTC product for retail. During this project we’ve also had to learn how to deliver full branding exercise remotely, during the first Covid-19 Lockdown.


A minimalist design

Working under new circumstances (the lockdown) and under time pressure, Perigord Brand Solutions delivered full branding, packaging, marketing support and video in record time. Following on from this success story, we have worked on various brand extensions for different markets.