Project Overview

Our agency was approached by an international retailer to revitalise the visual appeal of their Maribel Peanut Butter line and develop a brand that captures both the market's essence and the mouthwatering nature of their products. Following thorough research in the industry, we recognised the importance of crafting a captivating and exhilarating look and feel to infuse joy and enthusiasm into the upcoming packaging design.

the challenge

Visual storytelling

As a tasty, ‘every occasion’ nut butter that would be relaunching in a busy environment, Maribel required impactful, bright and bold packaging whilst giving a nod to its use of delicious, wholesome ingredients. Our designers drew inspiration from the world of nut butter, introducing dynamic textures, vivid colours and bespoke photography that evoke a natural, earthy tone and reflect the beautiful simplicity of the Maribel products.


Delivering results

This combination of texture, illustration, colour and typography all combine to create a stand out pack, bursting with personality, that is easily navigated on the shelf. Our solution which allows the range to compete with existing market leaders demonstrates how investment in brand helps it achieve such impressive growth in a challenging market.